A Win-Win Political Solution?

Is it possible that there’s a political solution to fixing the woes of the United States, or is our country destined to become a cesspool of incivility and hostility, as we watch both the left and the right drive us to bankruptcy?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here, because I’ve grown so disgusted with politics that I don’t want to vote for anyone.

No matter who they are, on the left or the right, even if someone begins with the noblest of intentions, in the end, most politicians either cater to their own special interest groups, or they don’t get reelected.

I’ve come to realize that they’re going to spend their entire career trying to deliver the pork to their constituents, and they’ll sell their votes to the highest bidders.

The media has such a powerful microscope turned on everyone, that it’s in every politicians best interest to just go along for the ride, and not make waves.

Idealistic politicians that think they can change the world get chewed up and spit out, because in our current system there is simply no place for them to exist.

The other day I ran across an incredibly refreshing video, espousing a political philosophy that catered specifically neither to the left or to the right, but to everyone.

My first thought was total skepticism – this can’t possibly be for real – but as I watched the video, it all sounded very sensible in a “self policing” sort of way.

The only thing that wasn’t clear, was how our government might actually get to the level of transparency that Rick Raddatz discusses in the video, but I wan’t to know more. That’s why I’ve “joined the movement”, such as it is, and I’m looking forward to watching what comes next.

If you’ll watch this video, and get a quick look at the concepts of “Cap and Grade”, “Tri-ism”, and “Charitism”, I think you’ll agree that it sounds like a total win / win for everyone – except for those that are greedy and corrupt.

Find out more about the Win Win Revolution here…


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