Vindictive Mom Screws Kids Football Team

My son plays 5/6 grade football, and while he’s not one of the few team superstars, he does pretty well and I’m very proud of him.

Just like any team, there are always some standout kids, but unfortunately sometimes one or both of their parents have their heads completely up their backside, and the decisions they make screw the rest of the kids.

This weekend, they are playing to determine whether or not they will go to the championship. If they win, they go, and if not they don’t.

The team they are playing is a very tough one, but so are we, and it’s expected to be a close game with a long time “arch-rival”.

In the league they play in, a kicked extra point after touchdown is worth TWO points, whereas running or passing it in is only worth one.

They’ve worked hard all year to develop his kicking game, but over the last few weeks we’ve come to rely exclusively on one kid for kicking, who’s very good and rarely misses.

This kid is also a pretty talented athlete, and plays often on both offense and defense, 7and even on special teams. In short as one of the “superstars” the team relies on him heavily.

Friday night AFTER practice, after the coaches had this kid practicing his kicks for half the practice, the mother came up and told one of the coaches that her kid wasn’t going to be there on Saturday.

The reason? Because she and her husband are splitting up, and he is the one who’s really supportive of football, but this HER weekend with her son, and she’s not going to bring into the game.

WHAT? You couldn’t have said this earlier in the week? You actually sat there during practice and LET the coaches waste their time with your son practicing kicks, all the while knowing that he wasn’t going to be there?

How can you justify that behavior? How is that fair to my kid, or to the other 27 kids on the team?

I was told this story by one of the coaches at a gathering last night after practice, while watching them scramble and scribble through the lineups and plays trying to replace this key player in the lineups, and shuffling other kids positions around to cover at the very last minute.

I find it impossible to believe that it wouldn’t occur to her that perhaps someone else should be practicing kicking.

Did she find it FUNNY that she was going to screw all these coaches and kids, in her effort to piss off her soon to be ex husband?

Clearly this woman is just a vindictive man-hating bitch, and her husband is making the right decision dumping her, but I feel most sorry for her kid.

We’re leaving for the game now, and I’m SO mad that I had to write this. If we lose by an extra point or two, I might even send this to her!

*** update ***
The game ended in a 14-14 tie, and the winner was decided in a “Kansas” playoff, where each team gets four downs. from the opponents 5 yard line in an attempts to score. Our defense stopped them, then our offense scored, so we won.

I’m glad this woman didn’t cause the season to end for our boys but since the kid is only 11, so she’s got plenty of time left to screw with him and his father. Surely she can ruin plenty of things in the years to come…

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