White House Climate Change Page

The very day that President Donald trump took office, this page was removed from whitehouse.gov, so we resurrected it.

Cutting Carbon Pollution in America

“I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing.” – President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013

So Disgusted…

I was disgusted with politics when I quit writing here over three years ago. The corruption and smears were out of control, and I essentially lost interest.

No matter who wins... The American People are the losers

Today though? I’m just embarrassed at what the 2016 election has become.

How could either of them possibly have won their respective party nominations?

Why Do the Rich Get Biggest Tax Cuts?

I saw this video and was impressed at how simple it sounds. Is this wrong? Innaccurate in it’s portrayal of the facts?

(Mother Jones Chart)

I think a flat tax  makes the most sense – OR – continue to have a TRULY progressive rate. Why not scale up for those that make a million, 5 million, 20 million, 100 million, and even more annually?

Romnilligans Island – Thurston (Mitch) Howell III

I don’t care which side you’re on, this is funny.

This is a Photoshopped depiction of the right establishment (by the left) as the cast of Gilligan’s Island that someone sent me by email… Funny!

Romnilligans' Island - A Photoshopped depiction of the right establishment (by the left)  as the  cast of Gilligans Island. Funny...

A Win-Win Political Solution?

Is it possible that there’s a political solution to fixing the woes of the United States, or is our country destined to become a cesspool of incivility and hostility, as we watch both the left and the right drive us to bankruptcy?

Stay Out of the Doghouse with Your Gift

My wife grew up a hunter, and when she and I started dating, I got her a new gun case for Christmas. However, I knew nothing about guns, and I got her a rifle case instead of a shotgun case.

Vindictive Mom Screws Kids Football Team

My son plays 5/6 grade football, and while he’s not one of the few team superstars, he does pretty well and I’m very proud of him.

Just like any team, there are always some standout kids, but unfortunately sometimes one or both of their parents have their heads completely up their backside, and the decisions they make screw the rest of the kids.

Sales Tax on Your House!

Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will have to pay a 3.8% tax on the sale?

That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, and on a $400k home, it’s $15,200. Wow!

We Can Replace 545 People

This is not a matter of left or right, or Republican or Democrat, or liberal vs. conservative.

It’s a matter of right and wrong, and a matter of the corrupted representation we have in the government who are driving the United States into bankruptcy and potential extinction. They should all be ashamed…

California Vs. Alaska Comparison

I think this is hilarious…


The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail.  A coyote jumps out, attacks his dog and then bites the Governor.